A Reformed Workhouse

Bishops Stortford Workhouse

(later Herts. & District Hospital)

[Workhouse Plan]

Index to references

1.Waiting Room19.Women’s Day Room 2nd
2.Porter20.Women’s Day Room
3.Receiving Room21.Master’s Kitchen
4.Baths22.Work Room
5.Foul Ward23.Privies
6.Men’s Yard 2nd24.Piggeries
7.Men’s Yard 1st25.Washroom
8.Women’s Yard 2nd26.Laundry
9.Women’s Yard 1st27.Ironing
10.Boy’s Yard28.Taskmstr’s Apt.
11.Girl’s Yard29.Delivery & Stores
12.Dining Room & Chapel30.Coal
14.Oven32.Infirmary Yard
15.Scullery33.Women’s Ward
16.Master’s Lodging34.Men’s Ward
17.Men’s Day Room 2nd35.W.C.
18.Men’s Day Room 1st  
The expressions “1st” and “2nd” refer to “1st Class” and “2nd Class”. The old and infirm were 1st Class whereas the able-bodied were 2nd Class.
Boys and girls ranged in age 9-15.
The Bishops Stortford design was one of several available. It was designed to hold 400 but, in the end, held somewhat more than that.
The “Foul Ward” near the reception door was to deal with scabies.

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