The Poor Law in Hertfordshire

Poor Law records are sometimes overlooked and the Society has transcribed all records still retained at Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies (HALS) relating to Settlement certificates, Removal orders and Examinations as to settlement produced before the Poor Law Reform Act of 1834. The names are recorded as spelt so researchers must be aware of possible variations in spelling. The records are produced in alphabetical order and each contains the parish where held and the date of issue together with the HALS piece reference so that the original record may be viewed. Many records are now on microfilm to protect the originals. Where a document is referenced but has no specific number attached it will need to be searched for on the relevant microfilm. To purchase these books, see Publications.

Further Information

Historic background to 1834

Historic background after 1834

Example of a complex Settlement case

Reformed Workhouse - with diagram

Unions in Herts. about 1880

Looking for a name?

The following in .pdf format provide an reference only index of the names found:

Settlement Certificates (240kb)

Removal Orders (155kb)

Examinations as to settlement (106kb)

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