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Who do you think you are?

Family History research, a friendly name for what is known as Genealogy. It used to be a rather stuffy pursuit but now TV programmes, education classes and accessible databases on the Web have encouraged many people to have a go themselves and find out more about their family.

For most, it is a fascinating hobby. Not only can you discover your family tree but learn the context of their lives: where born, where baptised, where married, surviving children, where and why they died.

Each English county has its own family history society to help channel information to members, to encourage them to undertake local research and to assist newcomers in what can seem a confusing activity at first.

Society brief

The Hertfordshire Family History Society was founded in 1977. It is a member of the Federation of Family History Societies and a registered charity. The Society has already played an important role in family history research in the county of Hertfordshire. There are regular monthly meetings, except during the August holiday period, with an invited speaker. The society tries to strike a balance between talks for the experienced family researcher and sessions for complete beginners who do not know where to start.


The Society has members from all over the United Kingdom and from overseas countries. Membership entitles you to attend meetings without charge, submit your research interests for inclusion in our Members’ Interest catalogue, receive the quarterly Society Journal and, generally, join in the activities of the Society. At the meetings, members may use the research facilities that are always available, buy a society publication or another outside publication. Often there is a stall of second-hand books that have been especially selected to be of interest to family researchers. The Society also receives journals from other family history societies that could be of interest and may be borrowed.

Society Journal

Hertfordshire People is our quarterly journal (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) that contains news and events together with articles from members. Regularly included are the names of new members and new Members’ Interests.


Major projects of the Society were the recording of the Hertfordshire Militia Ballot Lists, as close as we can get now to a census of men between the years 1758 and 1786 of which Hertfordshire has an almost complete set, and Poor Law records prior to 1834. Ongoing is the recording of Monumental Inscriptions in Hertfordshire churchyards before they get lost or unreadable. For more details view our Projects page.

Joining the Society

If you wish to join the Society, please go to our Membership page for details, fees and methods to apply.

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