Privacy Statement

The Hertfordshire Family History Society is a Registered Charity No. 285008. We receive from subscribers personal information: Title, Initials, Surname, Address and often an Email Address. We do not need more than this.

We use this information to provide services for which you have subscribed. We collect personal information from subscribers for this purpose only. We do not pass it to any third parties for any purpose except as required by authorised parties, such as HMRC.

When subscribers sign a Gift Aid form to allow the Society to reclaim income tax paid, some personal details are passed forward with the claim.

The Society retains its records in paper and digital form. They are available to the Society’s Registrar as Data Controller. For administrative purposes, some reports are passed to third parties in order to perform their duties e.g. labels and listing for journal distribution by post.

Financial records are retained for a normal standard of six years. Of necessity, financial records will contain some personal details. The forms used for new or renewing subscriptions are kept for two years before being removed.

Your personal details are stored in a database on a dedicated computer and with secure back-up. The dedicated computer is isolated from third party access. We only keep your personal details for as long as required to service your subscription. They are passed to a further database not available for general access which is only used for subsequent enquiries, either from past subscribers or from those legally authorised to enquire.

Your relationship with us: data protection

There is a contractual relationship between you and the Hertfordshire Family History Society whereby you pay your membership subscription to enable the Society to carry out its charitable mandate and also to provide membership benefits. We will only use your data to manage your membership and related benefits.

We may send you informational material relevant to your membership which will be included with the Society’s journal.

Your personal details will be used for administrative purposes e.g. to create labels and lists for journal distribution.

Your personal details are not passed to any third parties without specific permission or where fair usage permits e.g. Research Queries.

Your relationship with us: Communication Preferences

We use the personal data that you have provided to communicate with you about your membership and the work that the Society undertakes on your behalf.

» Everyone has a choice about how they receive the journal and the subscription charge reflects this choice.

» Other than journal distribution, if you have given us an email address, we will use this as our preferred direct communication method. If you have not provided an email address, we will normally communicate with you by post.

Please be aware that email communication cannot be guaranteed secure.

Your relationship with us: individual rights

You have a number of individual rights concerning your personal data. These include:

» to enquire what data we hold and its accuracy;

» to be informed of any data security breach;

» the right to erase your data if your membership ceases. However, please note that we may need to retain information after cessation of membership to meet legal requirements, such as required by HMRC.

» You can ask about the data we hold on you, or change your preferred communication methods, at any time by contacting the Registrar.

Registrar, 134 Beechwood Avenue, St. Albans, AL1 4XY


Issued by
The Chairman and Committee of the Hertfordshire Family History Society.

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